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In this article, we cover the aspects related to TellTheBell Customer Survey. On the other hand, You will find step by easy step guide. In Addition, if you follow this guide then you can win 500$ Cash to Tell The Bell. Taco Bell Tell us about your visit is waiting for valuable customer feedback.


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Don’t Miss the Chance To Win Prizes with Customer Survey

In this section, you will find about the details of TellTheBell. Similarly, before taking part in a survey, you must know about Tell The Bell Taco Bell Survey in depth. See Below:


Updated Step by Step Guide of Taco Bell Tell The Bell

Natural step by step method of completing TellTheBell Survey at Tell The Bell helps you win 500$ cash by applying for Tell the Bell Survey. Access the Taco Bell Tell The Bell Survey official website. You surely don’t want to miss the chance to win 4 $500 check prize.

In other words, this post will help you to apply for the prize. Furthermore, how to take part in Tell The Bell Survey using I will be bringing your attention to some aspects of the taco bell sweepstakes survey

Tell The Bell Taco Bell Customer Survey (

Tell The Bell Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey is open for all. The administration will ask for the feedback and advice about the followings:

  • Question about the quality of the food.
  • Services.
  • Customer care center.

The lucky winner will win the weekly prize of $500 daily during the promotion of survey. The winners will then shortlist from millions of entries of Tell The Bell Sweepstakes.

What Basically Tell The Bell Customer Survey Wants

Well, TellTheBell Customer Survey only wants that their customers help them to improve the overall quality standards. The Tell The Customer Survey Feedback is so simple. So, Don’t miss this chance and avail this review and win exciting prizes.

This survey aims to get client feedback. Thus, give them an improved and advanced eating experience. The review contains inquiries of:

  • Are you Satisfied with the recent visit?
  • Food Quality.
  • Food taste and freshness.
  • Have you got the things which you ordered?
  • The staff attitude.
  • Hygienic conditions and the environment.


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Yes, a survey for customers is always there to take care of the people who are living in other countries. So, if you are living in Canada then you have to follow Tell The Bell Canada, by clicking on the link. You then win 500$ cash from TellTheBell Canada at


TellTheBell Survey Prize

Winner will get a grand prize of $500. Four lucky winners get a chance in each sweepstakes entry period. Its all done after the completion of Taco Bell Survey.

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Tell The Bell Survey Rules[ps2id id=’Tell The Bell Survey Rules’ target=”/]

Now let’s talk about some basic rules to start the survey. Before taking part in the study keep in mind the regulations which are essential to taking part in TellTheBell Survey.

  • You must be living in the United States or the District of Columbia.
  • To enter in Tell The Bell Survey you must be 18-years old.
  • Keep in mind the max entry periods of Taco Bell Survey.
  • You can take part in one entry period with one Tell The Bell Survey receipt.
  • Visit Taco Bell again to get one more receipt.
  • This survey is not applicable to the staff working in Taco Bell.

Well, this is not all about the Tell The Bell Survey, there are some other facts but for that follow our remaining post you will know each and everything, Don’t Worry!

TellTheBell Survey Details

You will find complete Tell The Bell Survey Details Below:

  • Prize:
  • Easy Chance to win $500.
  • Number of Prizes:
  • Candidates avail 4 Prizes after each entry period.
  • Prize Limit:
  • 1 Prize in every single house.
  • Location:
  • District of Columbia, US.
  • Age Limit:
  • 18+.
  • Entry Limit:
  • 1-time single person per entry period.
  • Winners Notification Period:
  • Within one week of the drawing date.


TellTheBell Survey: Entry Period

You may enter the survey during the following time frame:

  • TellTheBell Survey Starting Date:
  • June 30, 2017.
  • TellTheBell Survey Ending Date:
  • June 26, 2018.

We will be concluding the results in the first ten days of the next month. A winner will be selected randomly from the entries.


You can be a part of Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey if you follow the details below. We will be concluding the results in the first ten days of the next month. A winner is one of the entries.

Enter Online

Clients can be a part of the sweepstakes by filling out the Taco Bell Survey at You must have the 16-digit code of Taco Bell receipt.

Enter By Mail-in

Now enter in Tell The Bell Survey just by using your mail. Clients also join in the sweepstakes with a chance of winning big prize money. It is possible by sending hand printed points of interest including:

  • Name.
  • Age.
  • Home address.
  • The telephone number on 3*5-inch paper.
  • Send to the address below.

Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes, P. O. Box 6047, and Dept. 39421, Douglas, AZ 85655.


How To Take Part in TellTheBell Survey using

Let me tell you the necessary conditions to be a part of the tellthebell online survey. Remember to Keep Tell The Bell Survey Code with you.

  • 16 digit Tell The Bell Survey code.
  • Taco Bell Store Number in case if you forgot your survey code.
  • The Date when you vi.
  • Time of the last visit to Taco Bell, if you forgot survey code.

You can fill out tell the bell survey on their official website ( All you need is the 16-digit survey code that appears on your taco bell survey receipt.

Now as you have your receipt in your hand, let’s move on further. REMEMBER YOUR 16 DIGIT CODE.

When starting the TellTheBell application at [], enter the code and click on start. For instance, if you don’t have 16-digit code then do the following things:

  • Store Number.
  • Date.
  • Time.


What are things necessary to start Tell The Bell Survey?

There are some things you need to care before starting survey.

  • You need 16-digit survey code to start the survey.
  • The code is at Taco Bell Survey receipt.
  • In case you don’t have the survey receipt then you have to mention the details.
  • Give details like your last visit.
  • Store number.
  • We now hope that you are pretty much interested in starting Tell The Bell Survey.
  • Open the and start your survey. Hurry Up!


Easy Steps Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey

Below is the easy way to win 500$ with TellTheBell [Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey]. Just follow our simple step by step guide. Feel free to contact us.

Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey

Easy Step by Step Guide for Taco Bell Survey[ps2id id=’Easy Step by Step Guide for Taco Bell Survey’ target=”/]

First, open the survey page. Access Tell The Bell official survey page if you have 16 digit code mention on your receipt, otherwise follow the link below. Survey HomePage

In the 1st step, you need to visit the official Taco Bell Survey website at

Then you need to provide 16-digit survey code present on your receipt

You must submit the mentioned details:

  • Store number.
  • Date.
  • Time.

Click on start button to run your TellTheBell Survey. Survey Questions

Q NO 1: Please rate satisfaction with your experience at Taco Bell Restaurant. Taco Bell will love to ask about getting overall satisfaction from their customers.


Answer it and click next.

Q NO 2: Next, you have to answer some questions related to the quality of food, services, and environment of the Taco Bell Restaurant.

The questions are:

  • How your food looks.
  • Restaurant Hygiene conditions.
  • Timely service.
  • How much was the Food Quantity?
  • Answer if your order was same as you ordered.
  • How the staff served you?


Q NO 3: Tell us why you were less than satisfied with the services of Taco Bell? Give Reason For the portion size:

  • The food items are not the ones who are in advertisements.
  • Toppings are not fulfilling.
  • Not much steak, chicken, or beef.
  • Less amount of cheese.


Q NO 4: Give Reasons for not satisfying regarding the appearance of food like:

  • Use of dry or greasy ingredients and not the fresh ones.
  • There is some messy use of ingredients.
  • Taco Shells were cracked.
  • No balance of ingredients.


Q NO 5: In the 5th question, you have to tell us why you are not satisfied with the cleanliness of Taco Bell?

  • The garbage cans were full and no space left.
  • The Chairs are filthy.
  • Dirty Floors.
  • Teams were wearing dirty uniforms and giving unpleasant looks.
  • Dirty restrooms.


Q NO 6: The 6th question Survey asks if you had any trouble during your visit?

  • If you had any problem, then answer with [Yes].
  • If you were satisfied during the visit, then say [No].


Q NO 7: Now the Bell Survey will ask you to rate satisfaction in regard of how well your problem was solved?

  • Are You satisfied.
  • Highly satisfied.
  • Dissatisfied.
  • You are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.
  • N/A.


Once done, click next.

Q NO 8: Tell The Bell Survey will then ask you if you would recommend people to visit Taco Bell Restaurant or not?

  • Yes, Highly Likely.
  • Somewhat likely.
  • Not Likely.
  • Not recommend to anyone.

Q NO 9: Tell The Bell Survey will ask if you bought hard shell taco which includes Locos, Tacos, Doritos or Beef?

  • Yes
  • No

Select yes and move to the last question.

Q NO 10: Next question will clarify from you it your Taco was visually full or missing with something?

  • Yes
  • No

Yes, Tell the Bell Survey to ask you about the ingredients. You have to check the followings:

  • Seasoned Beef.
  • Cheese.
  • Lettuce.
  • Other.

Q NO 11: Please keep in mind that you have to select only those ingredients which were not okay, click next for further questions.

Q NO 12: In Second the Last question, you have to tell about if you are a legal resident of The United States and about your age, and after that, you will enter in Tell The Bell Sweepstakes Survey.

  • Yes
  • No

Q NO 13: In the Last question, you have to tell about your personal information like:

  • First Name.
  • Last Name.
  • Contact Number.

Provide the above-mentioned details, and the Survey is complete!

Now we hope You will Visit

We believe that you are now planning to complete a survey. Don’t wait, Make your visit at Also, come with your family and friends. We hope you will recommend the Tell The Bell Visit to everyone.


When Will You Get a message from TellTheBell Survey as Winners?

Weekly Sweepstakes folks entering Sweepstakes either with the followings:

  • Internet.
  • Mobile.
  • Telephone.


Tell The Bell Customer Service Winners Notification

The winners get alert from Tell The Bell Customer Service officials. The following ways are:

  • Winners will receive notification from Taco Bell officials.
  • There are two ways winners get inform.
  • 1st way is to alert the winners using email id.
  • 2nd method is using the phone number.
  • Winners shortlist in every week.
  • You have to claim the prize within 14 days.
  • Your statement of claim is must for winning.
  • Good Luck for TellTheBell Survey!

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Tell The Bell Winners Announcements At

Tell The Bell Winners notify about win through the proper channel. The winning details as provided the details in completing the survey. You can check your name in winners list.

Tell The Bell Win 500 Cash

Yes, you may be one of the winners of this feedback. As a result, a winner and get a chance of Tell The Bell Win 500 Cash easily. Your feedback is essential for the overall improvements.


Taco Bell Survey Phone Number

On the other hand, if you still facing any problems, then contact Taco Bell Survey Phone Number. You can contact at Tell The Bell contact information. Also, if your queries are not answered then access with an online form.

I hope you appreciate my post about Tell The Bell Taco Bell customer satisfaction survey. On the other hand, If you have any query related to TellTheBell Survey then ping me up or visit their official website

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