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Tell Aldi has announced to collect the customer feedback from their customers to understand what their customers like or dislike about their services. Tell Aldi is a supermarket chain comprising of over 10,000 branches in about 20 different countries. ALDI Customer Feedback Survey is announced by Tell Aldi at their website The survey’s main purpose is to improve their services according to their customer’s demands and needs. The company hopes to receive feedback comprising of the difficulties faced by their customers to further improve their services.

As mentioned earlier, the survey requires you to share your experience with them at the Tell Aldi store by asking some relevant customers. The company values your feedback and tries to compensate for their shortcomings by providing the quality that you deserve. Tell Aldi collects the information provided by its users to understand the expectations of their customers and form their future strategies accordingly.


You can win a tell Aldi gift card by simply filling out the survey at by simply sharing your recent visit to the Tell Aldi store. By filling out the Aldi Customer feedback survey you are eligible to win Gift Cards of various prices. In this article, we share the detail on how you can take part in the ALDI Customer Feedback Survey at and get yourself a chance to win various gift cards.

Aldi Survey

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There are a few requirements that need to be fulfilled in order for you to be eligible to take part in this survey. We provide you with the details of these requirements so you can check whether you qualify for the survey and are eligible to claim gift cards worth 100$ or not. Here is a list of all the basic requirements:

  1. A receipt of your recent visit to the tell Aldi. This is a basic requirement in order to avoid the potential scammers that may affect the honest feedback provided by the customers.
  2. A good internet connection with decent speed to avoid any disturbances that may occur in case of a weak internet connection.
  3. A device such as a laptop, computer, mobile, or tablet will help you in filling out the form.
  4. An email Id that is in your use so you can receive future emails and to further prove your identity.
  5. A basic understand of either English or Spanish as the form is only available in either of these two languages.


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If all of these requirements check out for you then you are eligible to participate in the survey. You can further check out the rules of participation and get yourself a chance to win $100 worth of gift cards by filling out the form.


Like any other survey, Tell Aldi has designed a basic set of rules that must be fulfilled by you in order to be eligible for claiming the sweepstakes. Therefore, make sure to read this set of rules before participating in the survey.

  1. Candidates taking part in the survey should be at least 18 years old.
  2. Only the residents of America are allowed to take part in the survey. Therefore, if you are from any other country, you should not bother trying.
  3. Only one survey can be filled in per receipt. This gives each of their customers a fair chance and helps to avoid potential spamming.
  4. Transferring the gift cards is not allowed to anyone.

Furthermore, the employees and their family members cannot fill out the survey form. So, if you are an employee or an employee’s family member you are not eligible to fill out this form

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  1. Open your browser and visit the official website
  2. Select your preferred language from English or Spanish so you can fill out the form in the language that you best understand.
  3. Once you have selected the language, a new page will appear which is the customer feedback survey.
  4. On the customer feedback survey form you will be initially required to fill the date, time, and survey code of the receipt that you received by purchasing at their store. Once you have filled out these details click next.
  5. The next page that appears is the Aldi survey page.
  6. You will experience a number of questions displayed on the screen.
  7. Give answers to these questions based on your experience at their store. A few questions will require you to give a rating based on your experience.
  8. Enter your contact details in the place of Tell ALDI SURVEY SWEEPSTAKES.
  9. Once you have filled out these details, click submit. This will complete your TellALDI Customer Feedback survey.

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