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The Mosaic co new is the largest producer of phosphate and potash fertilizers in the U.S. The company is based in Tampa, Florida, and collects urea and mines phosphate, and potash for fertilizers. Its customer base includes retail dealers, individual growers, and wholesalers worldwide. The Mosaic co new employ approx. 13,000 people in 8 different countries.

From the mine to the market, Mosaic co new is working to maximize the value they deliver to the diverse stakeholders worldwide and minimize the negative impact. Over the years, the Mosaic co new and its employees have received recognition and top rewards. All of them demonstrate the commitment of the Mosaic co new with the corporate citizenship. Its mission is to help the world grow the food that it needs and they are continuing its mission in a full swing.

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Performance Products:

Backed by rigorous development and research Mosaic co new offers a range of performance products that are designed to provide superior nutrition for greater ROI and optimal growth. The crop nutrition technologies pioneered by the Mosaic co new are the performance fertilizers that ensure the right material consistency and the right balance of nutrients to give growers optimum nutrient distribution and efficient application distribution for maximum yield.


The Mosaic co new has approx. 16.8 million tons of finished concentrated phosphate capacity. The Mosaic co new is the largest producer of phosphate. It has a global distribution network made up of port facilities, plants, sales offices, and warehouses. In 2013, Mosaic co new produced approx. 15 million tons of phosphate rock and 7.6 million tons of concentrated phosphate crop nutrients.

In 2013, Mosaic co new for 1.4 billion dollars purchased the phosphate operations of CF Industries and saved additional billion dollars by building a new processing facility in Florida for the process of rock from their mines. Phosphate mines are located in Central Florida in the Bone Valley.

Phosphate products are created by reacting phosphoric acid with ammonia, a granulated fertilizer, solid. The Mosaic co new DAP and MAP can be applied directly to the soil with the usage of conventional spreading equipment.

Product Name Chemical Composition
1.    Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP)

2.    Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP)

3.    Diammonium Phosphate (DAP)

1.    10-50-0

2.    11-52-0

3.    18-46-0


The Mosaic co new has approx. 10.4 million tons of potash capacity. The Mosaic co new owns potash surface mills or mines at Colonsay, Esterhazy K1, Carlsbad, Esterhazy K2, Belle Plaine, Esterhazy K3, and Brazil. The Colonsay mill and mine are currently idled as there are in maintenance mode.

The Mosaic co new is also a member of Canpotex which is an export association of all the Canadian potash producers and allows them to sell their Canadian potash outside the Canada and U.S.

Potash products contain approx. 60-62% of Potassium oxide and vary in color from white to red. It is available in different sizes to provide choices for the most application options.

Product Name Chemical Composition
1.    Crystal Granular

2.    Red Granular

3.    Red Standard

4.    White Standard

1.    0-0-60

2.    0-0-60

3.    0-0-60

4.    0-0-62

Crop Nutrition Technologies:

The performance products like Aspire and Micro Essentials are powered by new powerful technologies and pioneered by the Mosaic co new to revolutionize what is possible with the fertilizer composition down to each granule.

Fusion Technology:

By balancing the ratio of the vital nutrients into every granule of the fertilizer, the Mosaic Fusion process allows for crop nutrition technologies like season-long sulfur availability, improved nutrient uptake, and uniform nutrient distribution so that every plant gets what it needs.

NutriForm Technology:

By combining Potassium with two forms of boron, Mosaic’s Nutriform Technology packs a precise ratio of nutrients into every granule of the fertilizer. This ensures that each plant receives season-long and balanced nutrition for maximum yield.

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