Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel Points Survey | Survey Customers

Who doesn’t know about the Kroger stores? Before we talk about the Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel Points Survey, we will talk about the journey of this famous retail store chain which is based on the long duration including three centuries. This retail chain is always known to work towards getting firm customer loyalty and having great relations with their customers.

Prizes To Win

This famous retail chain always tries to serve its customers in the best way possible. Kroger Co. is always willing to offer something unique and new to their worthy customers. For this year, Kroger Co. has come up with a chance to win $5000 for one lucky winner through sweepstakes lottery and countless prizes along with 50 Kroger fuel points.

The customers have to one simple activity, which is to attempt the Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel Points Survey form to get a chance to win above mentioned prizes. This Feedback is targeted to get feedback reviews from the customers to fill any blank space left in the customer services.

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Steps For Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel Points Survey

For Customer feedback you have to access customer feedback portal by accessing and follow the following steps:

  • Enter the details from a Kroger store valid receipt. You would be asked to enter date of visit, time of shopping, and the entry ID.
  • After inputting all the required credentials, press the start button on the screen.
  • A series of questions would show up on the screen. You are required to answer all these questions. You should give appropriate answers to the questions appearing one by one on the screen as per your experience.
  • User can also provide additional opinions about their experience regarding Kroger stores and how they can further improve their services.
  • After the completion of feedback. You will be asked about your personal details. These details would be kept confidential and would only be used for the enrollment of sweepstakes.

Rules of Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel Points Survey

There are some conditions for this Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel Points Survey aimed to get customer satisfaction survey. Here is the list of the conditions:

  • The person providing feedback must be 18 years old. Sweepstakes require that for enrollment.
  • The person attempting feedback survey must have a legit receipt from Kroger Co. store.
  • The receipt would only be usable in a week for customer feedback. After the said time it would be expired.

Kroger Co. have a three centuries long history of success. It is America’s famous supermarket chain, the pioneer of retail business in America. In the beginning of 21st century, Kroger Co. was termed as world’s 3rd largest retailer and leading retailer in USA. The corporate headquarters of Kroger Co. is based in city of Cincinnati from state of Ohio. The Kroger Co. saw its beginning from the city of Cincinnati in Late 19th century.

Bernard H. Kroger, the founder of Kroger Co. laid the foundation of this great retail company with a humble beginning in the city of Cincinnati and named it as The Great Western Tea Company in the year 1883.  The reason behind the name was B.H. Kroger being a former Coffee and Tea Salesman. Soon Mr. Kroger was able to grab the interest of B.A. Branagan who made investment in the business. By the year 1885, they were able to start a chain of 4 groceries.

This name went on till the very beginning of 20th century. In 1901, Kroger established a bakery which made him his own food supplier and enabled him to cut the cost. In 1902, he changed the name of his store from “The Great Western Tea Company” to “Kroger Grocery and Baking Co.”. The company owned many other food processing facilities later on. In 1902, the chain was running almost 40 stores. They bought a meat company in 1904 in order to make their store a one-stop retail store.

The expansion process made it a trusted name in Cincinnati area till 1920. The company made further expansions and made it to other parts of United States of America. It was welcomed with great response from general consumers and the process of expansion went on in a steady manner. The Kroger Co. assumed its current name in 1946 and from then it is known as Kroger Co. till the date.

Kroger merged many existing retail stores with it and allowed the stores to use their former names for operations. The Kroger Co. is a famous and second largest retail chain around USA till date which also incorporates gas stations with it.

This is how you can be a part of Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel Points Survey and provide your worthy customer feedback to Kroger Co. for improvement in their services and get a chance to win amazing prizes from Kroger CO.  including 50 fuel points from Kroger.