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Captain D’s formerly known as Mr. D’s Seafood and Hamburgers is a fast-casual restaurant chain based in the United States of America. This restaurant specializes in Seafood and is famous for it. You can find many Seafood items on their menu.

If you want to know more about Captain D’s Restaurant, then you can read the information given below. You will find information related to Captain D’s Employee, Benefits, and Coupons as well.

About Captain D’s

Captain D’s is a restaurant chain that specializes in Seafood. It was founded on August 15, 1969, in Donelson, Tennessee, United States. The founder of Captain D’s Restaurant was y Raymond L. Danner Sr. At that time, it was named Mr. D’s Seafood and Hamburgers. From 1969 till now, Captain D’s has more than 500 locations all across the United States.

Furthermore, Captain D’s has more than 6,000 Employees working for it. And the revenue of Captain D’s for the year 2016 was US$544.43 million. This goes to show how big the chain really is.

Captain D’s Employees

Now you might be thinking that if the company is that big, managing the employee information must be a difficult task. But it’s not. Because all the employees working at Captain D’s can access the Captain D’s Employee Login. By doing so, they can access all their information online as well.

This means, Captain D’s Employee Login acts as a database for all the information of employees which makes the managing process that much easier. If you are a Captain D’s Employee, and you want to access the D’s Net Login, then click the link below. By doing so, you can access all the steps you need to follow to access the portal successfully.

Furthermore, by accessing Captain D’s Employee Login, you can access all the employee benefits as well. To help you understand all Captain D’s Employee Benefits, we have linked Captain D’s Employee Benefits page below. You need to click the link to access the page and read all the benefits Captain D’s Employees get.

More From Captain D’s Restaurant

Other than Captain D’s Employee Login, there are many benefits that customers receive. Such as Captain D’s Customer Survey. By taking part in that survey, you are given a chance to win a $1000 Reward. Completing the survey is also very simple. But to help you further, we have linked Captain D’s Survey page below. Just click the link below to access all the steps to complete the survey successfully.

Captain D’s Customer Survey | How to Complete

Furthermore, another way that the customers can save at Captain D’s Restaurant is from their coupons. Yes, by using Captain D’s Coupons 2022, you can save a lot on Captain D’s Menu. If you are interested in Captain D’s Coupons 2022 and want to know more about them, then click the link below to access the page. There, you will find all the information you need including the steps to get Captain D’s Coupons.

Contact Information

If you want anything else about Captain D’s Restaurant, you can reach out to Captain D’s Customer Service and get further information.

  • Captain D’s Customer Service Phone Number: 1 (800) 314-4819

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