Seven Sacred Deeds for an Ayyappa

Punyam Poonkavanam is about direct action that is meant to arrest the adverse impact that heavy flow of pilgrims is having on the Sabarimala and River Pampa. The original ideals of Sabarimala pilgrimage aimed at bringing the devotee closer to the deity.

In other words, the pilgrimage is fulfilled when one gets connected to the world around him, losing one’s own ego and blends with the Supreme Soul of the Universe. However, the ideals and rituals got corrupted over the years and now it is time to bring back the original ideals into perspective.

With this aim in mind, Punyam Poonkavanam introduced Sapta Karma or Seven Sacred Deeds for every Ayyappa to follow. These are not any rules to be enforced by compulsion, instead, these Seven Sacred Deeds are only pointers to the right path.