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Aldi is a supermarket store owned by two German families that were established in 1946. Both German brothers overtook their mother store under the name of ALDI for a few years, but they split officially in 1966 into two separate stores. Aldi stores display quality items including food, beverages, and staple at a much discounted price. You mostly found custom brands in these stores with not more than two other brands.

Aldi group claims that you may not find a variety of brands over a single product, but whatever you find here is of high quality at a lesser price. All the products sold in Aldi Stores are fresh either dairy items or any section of meat. Qualities of all products are checked by their kitchen team and they pass only quality and fresh food. Different surveys are arranged by Tell Aldi us on the Aldi website to know the customer’s reviews on ALDI.

ALDI Stores’ commitment to quality

Aldi stores mostly sell their customized brand instead of many national brands. These Aldi customized brands are higher in nutritional value and prices are 50 percent less than other available brands on the market.

No food color

 Unlike national brands, Aldi products are manufactured without the addition of food colors. These food colors are used to make food more colorful, but they impose serious health hazards on people who consume such food items.

Food without monosodium glutamate

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is added to different food items to enhance the flavor of typical food. Aldi products are manufactured without the addition of MSG as it is associated with many health problems commonly obesity, skin allergy, and intestinal disorders. 

Aldi’s commitment and core values

Since 1976, Aldi stores are offering quality products that are not harmful to anyone if intake in higher quantities. Simplicity, consistency, and responsibility are the main value of ALDI. simplicity is adopted to keep the prices low as compared to commonly-used brands, consistency in providing a higher quality of food all the time, and responsibility of ingredients that are added in Aldi customized brands are safe to use without any maximum limit.

Products at ALDI are dually checked by the quality control department and only those products that pass the test are displayed on Aldi Stores shelves. These quality tests are implemented on other national brands and only those brands can take their place on shelves of ALDI Stores that have safe working conditions, and use all safe ingredients. 

Aldi US surveys

To keep a track of products sold in ALDI and the shopping experience feedback from customers is recorded on the Aldi website. This survey updates the store on how they are doing in the current situation and what steps they can adopt to better the shopping experience of customers. 

These surveys are available online and you need a stable internet connection to fill this survey. Only citizens of the US are eligible for this online survey. Big supermarkets have the facility to record feedback on the Aldi website; small shops usually perform this task by calling or through email. 

How to enter an online survey is the official website that allows you to take part in online services. Your age must be 18+ and have good knowledge and understanding of English to complete this survey. You can only be part of a survey on the Aldi website if you have a receipt for shopping from Aldi Stores. 

To start the survey you have to enter the serial number mentioned on the receipt followed by the date and time. You can complete this survey on the Aldi website only if your receipt is not more than 7 days old. Enter your details including email id, name, and phone number. 

Aldi also provides the reward of $100 to the customers who complete this survey in a given period. Only one person can provide feedback on one receipt. 

If you want to know the complete guide to complete the Aldi Customer Satisfaction Survey, then click the link given below and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Final words

Shopping at Aldi Stores is faster as choices are limited and you don’t have to spend hours thinking about which of the brands is providing high-quality food. You can add your suggestions to include new products through a survey held on the Aldi website and if the company finds this idea suitable they work on its implementation. 


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